The Social Networking Association has created membership benefits to accommodate the increased sophistication, professionalism, and diversity of social networking. 

Extensive efforts have been made to support the varied interests and needs of your business with a host of tangible and intangible membership privileges. 

As the Association grows worldwide, some benefits may only be available in specific countries. Be assured that the Association will make every effort to accommodate members wherever and whenever possible.  

Members are encouraged to recommend new benefits that could be helpful to other members.

A social networking company sells products or services through independent social influencers.

Benefits include: 

  • Participation in a world-class community with other social networking company owners and executives who have joined forces with two goals in mind: to positively impact the industry and to elevate all members to their personal best 
  • Premium corporate education and resources through our online learning platform and monthly video meeting. Our talented and experienced team will cover topics such as compliance, merchant services, international expansion, legal, operations, sales and marketing and raising capital, and more.
  • Access to world-class instructors and support so your company is one of the most recognized social networking companies on social media and your social influencers have a system to produce results that drive success for them and your company. Position your company at the forefront of the social media movement.
  • Access to cutting-edge industry news. Learn what is working and not working for other companies, as well as industry shifts, so you can position your company as a leader in your market. 
  • Education and support for your social influencers in personal development, people and communication skills, and leadership. Position your social influencers for success by helping them to avoid the most common pitfalls that make them quit before they even get started.
  • Exclusive access to SSMI – Six Sigma, a process voted as one of the top 10 business innovations in the last 150 years by MIT Sloan School of Management. Eighty-seven Fortune100 companies, powerful players such as Amazon and American Express, use Six Sigma to build more profitable companies. That same level of access is yours.
  • Association executives and board members, available to speak at your company events.
  • and much more … 

Membership Dues

For a subscription of $1,200 annually (ONLY $100 per month!) (limited time offer), a lifetime of success is yours. 

Isn’t it time for unprecedented success in your business?


Social Networking Company Premium Membership